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Garage because it started in a garage, but it’s more than that. It’s also about approaching things with a garage mentality. It’s about playing around, making do and thinking outside the box. The surroundings might be basic but this is no barrier to creativity. This is bière de garage – beer from the garage.


And why Project – because it’s ongoing, it’s a work in progress and we plan to keep it that way. We don’t plan to come out with a fixed portfolio of beers – this is about experimenting, pushing boundaries, blurring the boundaries between styles - seeing what works.

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March 11


Always look on the bright side. Back in our first year at the Garage, as part of the 24/24, we brewed Aro Noir - a stout inspired by the brewery’s unenviable location on the dark side of Aro Valley. For those who have never had the pleasure of living through a Wellington winter in the Valley, on those days that the sun manages to shine, one side of Aro Street is bathed in light, while the other languishes in perpetual gloom. No points for guessing which side the Garage is on. I used to fantasise about erecting huge mirrors on...

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