Leftovers for dinner

November 27 2015


Leftovers were never my favourite, you can ask my Mum.

The fact is though that as a society we create a lot of leftovers, a lot of which is still perfectly good, despite being ‘past its best’. We demand quality. That’s not a bad thing, but it means that these leftovers are destined for the bin. At the same time there are a lot of people who do without - who don’t and can’t share in the abundance that is easy to take for granted.

We could feel a bit shit about this, but while we’re doing that there are people who are doing something about it. Kaibosh, (who we support with The 12 Kegs of Christmas) rescue a whole range of foods for charities to redistribute. There are also others like The Free Store, who collect unused food from a load of cool Wellington businesses (check out the list here) and make it available directly to anyone who wants to come to their converted shipping container at 211Willis Street.

It’s a pretty simple concept but one which makes day to day life just a little bit better for a whole lot of people.

To help The Free Store we’ve made a beer, but it seemed only right to make one in keeping with the concept of using up leftovers.

Let me introduce Mishmash. When we brew a beer there is inevitably some waste. Due to a design fault in our mash tun there is always about 20 litres of strong wort left in the grain-out doorway which won’t drain to our kettle. It drives me nuts. Sure it’s only 20 litres out of 2000, but why waste it. If the brewer has time we try to rescue it by bucketing it into the kettle, but more often than not it’s just dumped to drain. 

So for Mishmash we saved this waste wort from two different beers, combined them and created an entirely new beer on our little brew kit. The Free Store then reached out to People’s Coffee and the Wellington Chocolate Factory for bean and cocoa nibs – to create The Free Store Mishmash Mocha Porter. Sure it’s leftovers, but not as you know it.



 Photo credit to Tim Kelly Photograph - timkellyphotograpy.com

The Free Store Mishmash Mocha Porter is available at The 1st Annual Free Store Fundraiser at the Southern Cross (another regular Free Store supporter) Sunday. One keg only, with proceeds going to The Free Store. 

I also have a feeling that there will be more Mishmash beers, just to show that leftovers can be yummy – you were right Mum, sorry ‘bout that.

- Pete

Jesse from People's Coffee also wrote a blog post about Free Store Mishmash - check it out here!