Friday Night Tap Round Up for 31st August - Where you can drink Garage Project fresh on tap tonight and through the weekend:


Galbraith's Alehouse - Cherry Bomb - Very limited amounts
Hopscotch Beer Company - Trip Hop & Red Rocks
Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant - Trip Hop, Dark Arts & Red Rocks - coming later this weekend


Hashigo Zake - Trip Hop (limited amount left), Dark Arts to come on later tonight
The Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant - Trip Hop
Kelburn Village Pub - Trip Hop
LBQ - Oldham's Farm & Pernicious Weed
Monterey - JACKED UP IN NEWTOWN - Saturday Night featuring Peoples Coffee Dark Arts & Six Barrel Soda Co. Kola Collab


Shipment of Dark Arts, Trip Hop, Pernicious Weed and Red Rocks Reserve landed at Pomeroy's - look for beers on tap soon.


Local Tap House St Kilda - Double Day of the Dead


Local Tap House Darlinghurst - Double Day of the Dead

If you spot our beer on anywhere else, feel free to add a comment. Cheers and have a great weekend! Keep an eye out for a new release next week - Golden Brown!