Not as Good as Gold

January 23 2012

Back in November we brewed our first collaboration brew with Kjetil from the Norwegian brewery Nøgne Ø. Brewed with pale, rye and cararye malts, Pohutakawa honey and finished with Kotahu hops the aim was a strong summer blonde ale. We had a lot of people put forward ideas for the name, but the one we liked in particular was Good as Gold. Kjetil liked it too. Sorted we thought.

But not so.

After mentioning Good as Gold in a recent post, we received a very polite email from the Coromandel Brewing Company pointing out that they already have a yummy Pilsener called Good as Gold.

Yikes. Sorry Coromandel Brewing, our bad. NZ has had more than its fair share of name of beer name dramas of late. No biggy, we’re happy to walk away.

So this Tuesday at Hashigo Zake we will not be launching a beer called Good as Gold, instead we offer you Summer Sommer (it’s Norwegian for Summer) our 7.6% Cøllab double summer ale. The idea is that Kjetil will be rebrewing this at Nøgne Ø for the Norwegian Summer. That’s so cool.

So if you want a pint get yourself over to Norway this summer, or alternatively pop down to Hashigo Zake tomorrow night. The choice is yours… hell why not do both!