Brightside – Garage Project
Mar 11 2016

Always look on the bright side.

Back in our first year at the Garage, as part of the 24/24, we brewed Aro Noir - a stout inspired by the brewery’s unenviable location on the dark side of Aro Valley. For those who have never had the pleasure of living through a Wellington winter in the Valley, on those days that the sun manages to shine, one side of Aro Street is bathed in light, while the other languishes in perpetual gloom.

No points for guessing which side the Garage is on. I used to fantasise about erecting huge mirrors on the sunny side of the street to reflect some of the warmth down to where we squatted in darkness.

Obviously this never happened, but now I think we’ve got something even better - a beachhead on the other side of the valley. This year, while the Garage waits out the winter in darkness, our new Taproom at 91 Aro Street will be basking on the bright side of the street.

So inspired by our new digs we’ve brewed a brand new beer - Brightside.

Brightside is a strong blonde ale - a companion to Aro Noir that is as bright as the other is dark. The ingredients are deceptively simple - just Belgian Pilsner malt, candy sugar and the French hop Aramis. The bright golden result though is far from simple with restrained spice, floral notes and maybe even the slightest hint of bubblegum. Beware, it is deceptively drinkable for its not insubstantial strength of 7.8%.

Brightside will be launched this Sunday at 91 Aro Street, and for now will only be available at our Taproom. So cross over the street and enjoy a little time on the brightside.


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