Five Hop Down to Hashi – Garage Project
Oct 19 2014

“I say – this has boiled up into quite an adventure, hasn’t it?” – The Famous Five

This Monday 20th of October, Hashigo Zake is celebrating its fifth birthday.

Golly, five years!

Hashigo Zake will forever hold a special place in the collective Garage Project heart. Back in 2011, when Garage Project consisted of a 50 litre brew kit and a couch in a derelict service station, Hashigo Zake were absolute bricks. Our first ever beers were poured through the Hashigo taps and they were willing to take a punt on us, giving us a tap every Tuesday night for the 24/24. Without their support and encouragement, who knows how things would have turned out?

And of course it’s not just the Garage that Hashigo have given a much needed helping hand. It’s hard to overstate the importance of Hashigo’s contribution to Wellington’s craft beer scene. They’ve supported all new comers with equal and even handed enthusiasm and been the outspoken champions of good beer, all the time offering punters the newest, freshest and best beer in Wellington.   

To celebrate we’ve taken up Hashigo’s challenge to brew a ‘five’ themed beer. We’ve called it Five Hop Down to Hashi. It’s a rather hoppy little IPA using five smashing new ‘unnamed’ NZ trial hops, added every five minutes throughout the boil. It certainly is jolly resinous! Be warned, there are only two 20L kegs of this beer… just like the old days.

So make sure you get down to Hashigo Zake this Monday. You know the drill, things kick off at 5pm with loads of smashing birthday fun.

Needless to say, there’ll be lashings of awfully good beer.

[The original GP / Hashigo Zake launch poster]

[Coming out of retirement for a very special brief, the mysterious King Rat contributed the art for ‘Five Hop Down to Hashi’.]


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