Jul 29 2015

This is my dog. She’s an SPCA special. 


She likes eating radishes (weird) and long walks on the beach. She also used to like eating cat turds, but I’ve suggested that that isn’t something we really like to do in polite company.

People often ask what breed she is? The answer is probably staffie crossed with something big and wrinkly. 

By all accounts she didn’t have the best of starts. When the SPCA rescued her and and her two surviving brothers they were so malnourished that they were almost bald from mange. When we first saw her she looked like a scrotum - which is harsh, but true.

I’d taken my kids up to the SPCA for a look around. She was possibly the ugliest critter I’d ever seen, but she was definitely the most affectionate. When we left I couldn’t stop thinking about her. We went back to see her again, and a week later she was home with us.



I wanted to call her Scrotum Faced Killa, but my kids vetoed my choice - which is harsh, but fair. They wanted to call her Nim, and they have more votes than me. 

When I chatted to the people up at the SPCA I found out that Nim’s Mum didn’t make it, which is sad.

People can be really shit to animals at times. I don’t know why, there are lots of reasons, none of which really count as an excuse. Luckily there are also people who really like animals and work very hard to look after them and give them the best life possible. A lot of these people work at the SPCA. It’s not easy and they appreciate any help they can get.

For two years running Golding’s Freedive Bar and Garage Project have run a special event for the SPCA. Judging by the support people have shown at these gigs there are actually a reassuring number of people who do care for animals - which is nice.



This year we managed to raise $6000. Thank you to Dylan, who made all the tap badges ( (he really is quite a clever and funny chap) and especially big thanks to all of you who came along, drank beer, ate food, played with dogs and helped to make this possible. Next year we’ll do even better. 

Just so you know, Nim is now happy, healthy and much loved. We’re taking the whole cat turd thing one day at a time - but there are significant signs of improvement.

Dogs are a bit like beers - often the most interesting ones are ‘outside style guidelines’.  If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, you’ve got the space and the time, I’d recommend a trip to the SPCA . You never know what you might find.



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