Jul 06 2012

Looking back over our blog, I realise we’ve been off air for some time – an indication of just how busy things have been of late. Getting resource consents, building consents, certificates, licenses and codes of compliance takes time - apparently lots of time. Lots and lots of time.

So busy, yes, but not necessarily busy doing what we like doing best.

That’s why it is such a pleasure to be announcing some new brews. In fact, next week is starting to look like a Garage Project fruit salad. First up, for the Malthouse West Coast IPA Challenge comes…

Super Angry Peaches

The fact is there are no peaches in Super Angry Peaches. None. Why’s it called Super Angry Peaches then? The reason is that last year we brewed a beer called Angry Peaches, and, well… this beer is just a little bit more Super. Actually, at 10.1% it’s quite a bit more super. Super-duper even. But why Angry Peaches? 

Again, no peaches. None. Inspired by a throw away beer descriptor line by beer blogger Phil Cook, Angry Peaches was all about trying to create an aggressive stone fruit character with absurd amounts of the American hop Amarillo. This time around, for Super Angry Peaches, we got all the Amarillo we could find, and put it all in.

It’s Amarillo in your face. Remember, Angry is the new nice.

And then, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bar…

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry Bomb

The fox you’ve been waiting for (yes, here there are cherries in this one). Especially for the SOBA Winter Ale Festival formerly known as Matariki, Cherry Bomb is a cherry, chocolate Imperial Porter. Weighing in at a thoroughly warming 9.5%, it’s a rich ebony/mahogany colour, with layers of cacao nib bitter-sweet dark chocolate and a distinct tart cherry tang (and hints of stone age love).

West Coast IPA Challenge and a Winter Ale Festival. A good week for Wellington beer lovers (and fruit).

Coming soon 24 more…

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