May 04 2012


It’s been called Wellington’s worst kept secret. It’s no secret really, but we have been careful not to mouth off too much about what has been going on in the Garage this year. Why? The fact is starting a brewery isn’t easy. Things can go wrong, even when the goal seems so close you can almost taste the first brew. That’s why we’ve been keeping stum.

But to be honest, the other day, surrounded in our garage forecourt by tens of tonnes of shining stainless steel brewing equipment, as people streamed down Aro Street on their way to work, the idea of keeping things under wraps any longer seemed a little pointless.

Over a decade of dreaming, years of preparation and planning, months of gruelling hard work, negotiation and submissions to council, sleepless nights and moments of doubt, twelve hours of intense forklifting and we’re almost there.

And we’re stoked.

The kit’s a 10 US barrel system from American manufacturers Premier Stainless. It’s a brew kit with a story behind it, not originally destined for us, but it fits the Garage like it was made for it. They say pride comes before the fall, so I’m trying hard to restrain myself, but it’s enough to say that there’s been nothing to disappoint so far.

At the moment we’re making the last connections and putting the finishing touches to chilling, plumbing and electrics. It’s pure pleasure after months of preparation, planning and worry. You can almost taste the first brew. Fingers crossed.

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