May 03 2012


It’s amazing how time flies. Old Scratch was our last post almost a month ago. As many of you will know, we’ve been far from idle, and look out for a post on the big shinny things tying up our time hopefully tomorrow..


In the meantime, PBT Couriers willing, our Harvest beer that Pete blogged about in March, Oldham’s Farm Harvest 2012 will go on at Hashigo Zake tomorrow night, Friday 4th of May. Look for it in other fine New Zealand craft establishments soon after.

If you do make it down tomorrow night, here’s what you can expect…

Oldham’s Farm 

Brewed with pale, munich and crystal malts and a Toyota Hiace load of whole cone Rakau and Wakatu hops, picked fresh from Colin Oldham’s farm in the Tadmor Valley. The result is rich, aromatic and intensely bitter.

An anonymous source, asked to describe the flavour, said it was like eating marijuana fresh from the plant. Not something I’ve tried recently, but you get the idea. 6.8%ABV.


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