Mar 14 2012

This week is all about the road trip. I love jumping in the car and hitting the road with a loose plan and a sense of nervous excitement about what the journey might put up along the way. It’s liberating and invigorating. 

This week marks the one year anniversary of the first Garage Project road trip. We went down to Motueka for the Hop Harvest. I know this because the trip coincided with my birthday. Visiting New Zealand Hops and local producers like George’s Farm was a fantastic experience for us, and planted the seed of an idea that later this week, with a little luck from the weather gods will come to fruition. 

So this morning Pete packed up a van with a few supplies that should see him through the next couple days and is sailing South to once again visit Motueka and experience the Hop Harvest first hand, although things will be a little more hands on this time. More about that later.

If you get the sense that I am not coming along for the Motueka ride, then you’d be correct. In true Garage Project style, a single trip within New Zealand wouldn’t cut it, so we’ve split. Divide and conquer. Motueka and Mexico.

While Pete is getting busy in the hop vines of Motueka, I’ll be embarking on a mission to track down some of the finest Tequila Distilleries in Mexico and liberate a used oak barrel or two from them. Tequila Barrel Hunting is a new sport to me, but I am up for the challenge and excited to learn more about the production of a spirit that has caused me great pleasure and pain over the years. 

We will both be doing our best to keep you updated about our duel road trips. As a precursor, I’ve been up in States for the last three weeks visiting some of the finest breweries, brewing equipment manufacturers and craft bars in the world. It’s already been an phenomenal journey and the Tequila Barrel Hunt is a fitting crescendo. 

Things have outwardly been a little quiet from us lately, but as you will see in the coming weeks, it’s not for lack of activity. Hop Harvest Road Trip and Mexico Tequila Barrel Hunting is just the beginning..



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