Feb 23 2012

Jos has been busy. Among other things he’s been compiling the coaster feedback from the 24/24. It makes for an interesting read. Jos, in inimitable style, has pulled many of the comments together into word clouds. It’s fascinating to look into the cloud and see people’s responses - to see in some cases how different people’s reactions can be to the same beer.

(Word Cloud of all the 24/24 coaster feedback comments)

And which beer came out on top? The number 1 spot belongs to Day of the Dead, our chilli chocolate black lager, launched on November 1 to coincide with El Día de los Muertos - Mexico’s Day of the Dead. For those who loved Day of the Dead, we’ve just been down to Three Boys to brew a special, high strength Double Day of the Dead. Most of the beer will be going to Australia for the Great Australian Beer Spectapular (not a typo) to be held in Melbourne in May, but a few kegs might find their way to some of Wellington’s better craft beer bars.


(Day of the Dead Feedback comments)

Coming in neck and neck in second place were Pernicious Weed and Trip Hop, two of the most hoppy offerings in the 24. We liked these brews too, and kegs of both Pernicious Weed and Trip Hop, the fruits of last months trip to Three Boys, will be appearing in good Wellington bars over the coming weeks.

Other big favourites from the 24 were the Dr Grordbort’s inspired Venusian Pale Ale (VPA) and Lord Cockswain’s Courage Porter, our hoppy stout Aro Noir (brewed on the dark side of the street), and the first of our coffee collaborations with People’s Coffee, the Peoples Project No. 1 Coffee Bock.

And then, there is the inevitable question, which beer came in last? Perhaps no surprise, it was the beer which polarized drinkers more than any other. It was of course the infamous Green Coffee Saison. Not to everyone’s taste certainly, but still a beer we’re proud to have tried. Experimentation was what Garage Project promised and we think we delivered.



(Peoples Project #2 Feedback Comments)

And you can expect more to come. We’ve already planned over 24 more limited release experimental brews, to be small batch brewed on our pilot plant over the year ahead. We also have plans for more brewing equipment, meaning that we’ll be able to craft bigger batches of the best beers from our experimental runs. This should mean that more of you should be able to try the best of Garage Project.

It should be a fun year ahead.

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