Feb 13 2012



There was loose talk about this Kölsch back in November of last year. The idea was to design a crisp little Kölsch with Little Beer Quarter in mind, something to sip while sitting in one of Wellington’s more notable laneways.

A flurry of tweets were traded and there was even a ‘think up a Kölsch name’ competition. However, this excitement may have been a little premature given that Kölsch is a beer that needs time. Lots of time.

In fact this beer has been lagering now for over three months. The result is an incredibly pale, straw coloured beer, with a crisp white head, a delicately perfumed aroma from the addition of Motueka and Galaxy hops, a smoothness that comes from sitting around at near freezing point for three months and finished with a hint of tartness from an addition of German acidulated malt. The bad news, there is only one 19ltr keg of our experimental Little Kölsch Project so chances are it will be a fleeting visit to LBQ (I believe Stu from Yeastie Boys put forward the name - cheers!).

The good news, Little Kölsch Project will not be the only Garage Project beer available. There will also be a return visit from two of our 24 series, our ANZAC Amber ale, brewed with toasted oats and golden syrup, and Pernicious Weed, our hop driven IPA, a big favourite in the 24 but definitely not a beer for the faint hearted. So, three Garage Project beers, in one bar, on one night. A first outside the hallowed walls of Hashigo Zake.

More bad news… there’s only one keg of each. Available only at LBQ this Wednesday 15th from 5.30pm till the kegs run dry. Might see you there.


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