Nov 19 2015

Zoos aren’t what they used to be... which is a good thing really because they used to be a bit shit. Luckily things have changed for the better and we are particularly lucky in Wellington to have a zoo which is committed to doing things in a new way, not only creating a great space for people to interact with animals but also working to protect animals in the wild.

Trade Me are supporters of Wellington Zoo and asked us recently if we’d brew a beer to help raise funds for some of the Zoo’s conservation activities. The Wellington Zoo Trust supports a wide range of conservation initiatives in New Zealand and overseas designed to protect animals in the wild. As the focus for this fundraising effort the Zoo has chosen Cheetah Outreach, an organisation committed to protecting and promoting the wellbeing of wild cheetahs in South Africa. Animal fact - at the turn of the 20th century there were an estimated 100,000 cheetahs living in the wild. Today there are as few as 10,000 left and without urgent help there is a very real chance that the species may wink out of existence altogether. I find that a very disturbing thought.

So we present Zoo Brew, a brand new brew for a new kind of zoo. The beer itself is made with pale malt and sorghum, a grain widely used in traditional African beers, and infused with South African Rooibos tea.  


We’ve also enlisted the help of world renowned Wellington-based artist Seraphine Pick who has produced a unique piece of art for the label. This piece will be auctioned, along with several one-off painted beer bottles also by the artist, as part of the fund raising effort.


If you want to support the cause then come down to the Zoo Brew Launch at the Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant this Sunday 22nd November from 2pm. There will be live music all afternoon including Wellington favourites the Nudge, a sausage sizzle with a range of bespoke bangers designed by Island Bay Butchery using Garage Project beers (and including a vegetarian option), loads of family fun, and of course Zoo Brew beer on tap. See you there.

- Pete



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