Fireworks and Fun – Garage Project
Dec 02 2015

We haven’t done that many collaborations with other brewers. Prolific collaboration is a bit like speed dating and we’re looking for something a little more meaningful.

A good collaboration is a learning experience, a sharing of techniques and ideas that not only produce some great beers, but also expands the universe of all the brewers involved. The perfect example is the brew we did with Kjetil from Nøgne ø, and our three way collaboration earlier this year with Coedo and Stone in Japan, both of which resulted in unique brews and lasting friendships.

Another brewery we really like is Modern Times from San Diego. They make great beers and have a great approach to brewing. Earlier this year we dropped into their brewery in San Diego and annoyed the crap out of Head Brewer, Matt Walsh. We made him do things for us like show us around, pour us beers, dress up in a little sailor boy suit and dance for us (I made that bit up). 

When Matt came to visit us in Wellington last month it provided the perfect opportunity for collaboration. His trip also just happened to fall on firework night - a serendipitous event which provided the inspiration for our collaborative brew - Whizz Bang Hop Rocket IPA. Matt didn’t come empty handed, he managed to mule in a load of experimental US hop #07270, hidden carefully in a body cavity (I made up that bit too). We brought Kiwi hop hero Riwaka to the party, and a load of Gunpowder tea - which seemed only fitting given the date.


The result is a crisp, sparky, bright golden IPA with a truly unique aroma. It’s a great result from a great day - one which naturally ended with a bang.




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