Crushed Cans – Garage Project
Mar 20 2020

Naturally, we can.

NOW AVAILABLE. We are very excited to announce today the release of four GP Crushed wines into these gorgeous slimline 250ml cans. Fairy Bread White, Red and Rose alongside Tropical Phantasm. Available as singles, or in neat four packs, these wines are all produced from organic Nelson fruit, fermented with wild yeast and packaged with no filtratration and just 20 parts sulfur added prior to canning. 

Back in 2013, we made the declaration Yes We Can, and moved to warmly embrace cans as our preferred packaging for our beers. Canned beer was a bit of an ugly duckling back then. Despite all the positive attributes they had, they were still seen as the inferior option for beer over glass. Oh how things have changed and we’ve all seen canned beer be embraced a worthy vessel to package the best aromatic beers in, and adorn them in bright vivid art.

Wine in can feels similar to us. The options available to date haven’t been terribly interesting and it’s probably something a lot of people will turn their nose up at. But think that’s about to change. For the same reasons we canned our beer years ago, we now choose to can our wine. We think they do an excellent job of preserving the wine’s aromatics. They cool down faster, so you can have your Reds and Rose served chilled - let’s be honest, it’s the best way. They are environmentally friendly on a few levels...AND, they hold precisely two glasses per can. Perfect for a picnic out, or quiet night in.

Seek them out, let us know what you think. Hopefully we will can more wine from the 2020 vintage, and we’d love to see canned wine blossom into a beautiful white swan of naturally fermented beverages.

One final note. A huge shout out to Annie, Paul and Skin from Crafty Canners. They are a great family business who not only apply all the beautiful shrink sleeves to Garage Project beers, but also helped can our Crushed wines. They worked long hours on this project, even over Waitangi Day to help us hit our dates. After this last week it feels even more important than ever for us to show our thanks for small family businesses like Craft Canners that allow us to do what we do, and give you all interesting drinks to enjoy - Cheers!


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