Day of the Dead 2019 – Garage Project
Oct 21 2019

Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta, an annual celebration of life and loved one's past. Back in 2011 we first brewed ‘Day Of The Dead’ chilli chocolate black Lager, inspired by the Aztec beverage xocolatl. Here we are eight years later, with what has become our most anticipated yearly release(s) and events. 2019 sees OVER 30 DAY OF THE DEAD RELEASE PARTIES, a staggering amount of good times happening simultaneously across NZ and Australia, and Asia. 

Raise a glass, remember, celebrate. Los muertos al cajón y los vivos al fiestón.

2019 Day Of The Dead Releases:

La Calavera Catrina - Watermelon, Habanero & Rosewater Maize Lager
Day Of The Dead - Chilli Chocolate Black Lager
Triple Day of The Dead - Tequila barrel aged chili chocolate black Lager


2019 Release Events:

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