Jul 30 2018

The decision to stop brewing Death from Above was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do at the Garage. Death from Above, or DFA as we all called it, was a hugely popular beer, both at the brewery and with Garage Project drinkers. It was a beer that managed the sometimes difficult job of marrying unusual ingredients - mango, Vietnamese mint and chilli - with straight up drinkability.

To put it simply, it was a yummy beer, a lot of people loved it and we miss it.

However, as much as we miss DFA I stand by the decision to stop brewing it. It’s a long story, but our original intention to reference cult classic Apocalypse Now had become unclear and in response to a genuine complaint from someone who had been offended by the beer’s name and art, we didn’t feel that we could defend it.

In brewing DFA it was never our intention to offend, to glorify war or to support racism. Those are not views that the Garage Project stands for. As I wrote at the time, brewing and beer should above all be fun, but neither exist in a vacuum separated from our broader community. We live in a time when there are more than enough examples of people furthering their own goals through a discourse of division and hate. It’s not something we need in beer.

So where to from here? It’s been ten months since we last brewed DFA, a respectable period to mourn a beer we all loved. Now it’s time to begin again.

DFA is dead, long live DFA.

Let me introduce Demus Favorem Amori (pronounced ‘day-mus fa-waw-rem a-maw-ree’). It’s latin for ‘we choose to stand for love’ and it follows a long tradition at the Garage of making beers with simple and easy to pronounce names. As far as latin mottos go it’s pretty snappy, but if you want you can just call it DFA, we all will.

We tweaked up a couple of little things we all felt were getting a bit tired in the old version, some different chillis, a fresher batch of Citra hops and a touch more mango, but for the most part it’s the same beer with a brand new name and brand new art.

There will inevitably be some who feel nostalgic for the old DFA - sometimes it’s hard to try something new. There was a seductive swagger about the name and Ev Purdie’s original art, with its Apocalypse Now references and the winged hop, was a cult classic. We’ll miss it, but it’s time to move on.

Life is all about choices.

Choose Love.


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