FRESH MAY 2020 – Garage Project
May 07 2020

One of the most exciting things about brewing FRESH IPA is the chance to play around with new ingredients and ways of brewing. Every batch is a brand new beer offering a brand new experience each month. This uniqueness is important. Different malt, hops and yeast all interact with each other in different ways creating unique outcomes which we look forward to in each monthly batch of FRESH.

So when our Australian batch of FRESH May looked brighter than many of our previous months I wasn’t all that fazed. We’d used a brand new low colour English 2-row pale malt we’d never used before, so I assumed that had had an impact on the haze. It still had a pleasant light haze to it and it tasted and smelled delicious so we packed it and rushed it off to OZ.

It was only after the Australian batch had gone in its chilled container that our NZ batch came through looking significantly more hazy. To be honest, we’re not sure why. The two brews did use different batches of the same malt variety - possible but unlikely. We have a few other theories, but it’s conjecture and we’ve got no way of really knowing what the cause was.

The online response to cans of FRESH May in Australia and New Zealand has been great and it’s awesome to see people enjoying it. However, it does seem that some of the keg stock in Australia has dropped EVEN more bright, leaving only a light haze

In the past we have destroyed batches of beer. It doesn’t happen all that often but we do pride ourselves on the quality of our beer, and have no problem dumping anything that doesn’t meet the standard people expect from us.

The Australian keg stock of this beer is not as hazy as we would expect from a FRESH brew. However, it tastes delicious. Weirdly, we also feel like it may be even more aromatic than our hazy NZ batch, delivering a massive passionfruit hit that almost fills the room when you pour it. We can’t bring ourselves to destroy a beer like this.

We do want people to be aware of what they are getting. Please do not buy this beer if a lack of haze offends. Please do buy this beer if you love incredibly fresh IPA, packed with juicy English malt, Vienna, oats and wheat and bursting with passionfruit, mango, stone fruit and citrus.

What I can guarantee is that next month's FRESH will be completely different - that’s what makes them so fun.

- Pete

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