Nov 28 2017



GP Crushed began with a chance lunch at a farmhouse restaurant in the Belgium countryside while Pete and I were on a research trip visiting old and traditional breweries. The lunch we were served was matched with beer, cider and wine, but for once the beer wasn’t our focus: it was the wine.


 Unlike anything either of us had tried before, the wine had been wild-fermented, and bottled with little or no sulfur added. The grapes had been fermented on their skins, stems and all, and some had even been buried in very old clay jars in the ground. Pete and I found something familiar in these ‘natural wines’ with tastes and aromas of wild-fermented beers that we were imagining we’d brew in our planned Marion Street Wild Workshop.

 With several co-fermented ‘grape harvest’ beers already produced in the Garage, we started to think about what ideas and techniques we could possibly bring to the wine. On returning home I began to research who was producing natural wine in New Zealand. One name came up again and again: Alex Craighead, winemaker behind Kindeli and Don wines. After meeting and exchanging beer for wine, a friendship was struck and a plan hatched to work on a project together – GP Crushed.

 GP Crushed is about challenging existing ideas around wine and winemaking approaches. We’re here to inject some energy and excitement into one of the world's oldest drinks, by taking brewers’ approaches and techniques around yeast and bacteria that winemakers might not have considered. We will achieve this by making 100% Brett-fermented wines, that we hope will bring flavours and texture that have not been tasted before. We’ll also be looking to change the way wines are released, talked about and experienced. Just like beer, we firmly believe that wine should be fun and made accessible and approachable for everyone.

 Our Wild Wine is not strictly ‘natural wine’, although almost all our fruit will be organic. Our Wild Wine also isn’t industrial winemaking, although we’re not adverse to pitching specific yeast strains or enzymes to achieve a desired result. Our Wild Wines are about picking and choosing techniques to start and provoke a dialogue. We’re here to try something new.

 This is incredibly stimulating new project for us, and one that we’ve already learnt a huge amount from. Ultimately we hope the results will be different, unexpected, and utterly unique. We are excited to share the first of these wines with you, and would love your feedback around what you do and don’t like. This is the start of what we hope to be a very exciting journey and new chapter for Garage Project and our Wild Workshop.


 Jos, Pete & Alex


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