GP Venues Covid-19 Update – Garage Project
Mar 17 2020

Venues Announcement. We are absolutely committed to making sure our venues are as safe as possible for our crew and customers alike. Our beloved pop-up Hyderabad Hotel will be having its final week this week as planned, all other GP locations are open, and all have the following measures in place, poised and ready to adapt and update in line with new advice. 

Applicable to Hyderabad Hotel, Garage Project Kingsland, Garage Project Cellar Door, Garage Project Taproom.

  • Any tasters given at any of the venues are to be in a fresh glass every time.

  • Our crew will avoid touching their face, eyes, hair, head and beard while on shift. If they need to do so, hands must be washed immediately afterwards.

  • Washing hands regularly, drying using one-use paper towels, and disposing of paper towels after drying.

  • Washing hands every time dirty glasses or plates are cleared away.

  • No drinking from the same glass as anyone else.

  • No hands in glasses. Avoiding all contact with the rim of glasses even when handling into dishwasher trays.

  • Each venue will have a dedicated glass washer on shift. This glass washer will wear rubber gloves at all times when handling dirty glassware and plates.

  • Run any cloths in use through sanitiser regularly.

  • All cloths colour coded, with specific cloths are dedicated to specific areas and there is absolutely no cross-over. All cloths are put through our sanitiser machine every 30 minutes. Spray and wipe down eftpos machines, ipads and all venue door handles with sanitiser spray every 20 minutes.

  • Using sanitiser spray every single time when wiping surfaces.

  • Contain any cough or sneeze into a tissue, binned immediately, or into the pit of the elbow.

  • Any cold + flu symptoms are reported to our managers immediately, with crew members taking sick leave if they are exhibiting these.

  • Refusing service to any people, and the group they are with, who have entered the country within the self-isolation period if we become aware that this is the case.

  • We are taking these measures to ensure our environments are safe for you to get your favourite brews. But we all have a part to play. If you are unwell or have recently traveled from overseas, you are expected to follow the NZ government guidelines for staying at home (self-isolation).

Let’s keep supporting local businesses and each other during these difficult times. Cheers.

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