MISH MASH 2018 – Garage Project
Nov 05 2018

It’s our fourth year of brewing Mishmash. The idea is pretty simple, a beer made with leftovers brewed in collaboration with like minded Wellington businesses, with all proceeds donated to the Free Store. In previous years we’ve worked with Wellington Chocolate Factory, People’s Coffee and Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter to create some weird and wonderful brews for this worthy cause. This year we are proud to announce Mish Mash #4 Best Ugly Bagel Bock. Free Store supporters, Best Ugly Bagels, have been saving their unsold cinnamon and raisin bagels for us. We sliced them, dried them out and mashed them in with a whole load of leftover bits and pieces from our grain store. The result was one of the best smelling mashes we’ve ever done at the Garage and after a long cold lager ferment we have Best Ugly Bagel Bock, a lovely dark ruby Bock Bier, with clean rich malt palate and wonderful cinnamon and raisin notes.

Get yourself down to The Southern Cross, get yourself a pint or two of Mishmash with the reassuring knowledge that your support is helping good people do good things. All proceeds go to the Free Store.


Check out some photos here

Best Ugly Bagel Bock

Cinnamon and raisin bagel bock beer

If by any chance you missed Mishmash #4 Best Ugly Bagel Bock at the Free Store fundraising event it will be available for a limited time at our bar at 91 Aro. Enjoy a pint (or two) safe in the knowledge that you are making the world a better place from the comfort of your bar stool. All proceeds go to Free Store.

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