Savoir Faire 2018 – Garage Project
Nov 19 2019

Savoir Faire?


Savoir Faire? Pack

At the start of 2017 we were approached by the team at Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks about participating in a global ‘Terroir Project’. A select group of breweries would all produce a beer with the same base wort, and co-ferment it with grapes sourced within 150km radius in a 49 to 51% ratio.

As you know, we love to challenge traditional ideas of what beer & wine can be, so we leapt at the chance to be involved, alongside a collection of legendary breweries from across the globe. Now in our second year, we’ve continued to develop our approach to the Terroir Project, and are excited to release for the first time our 2018 cuvees, presented in 750ml bottle with cork and cage.

2018 saw us source fruit from the legendary Nautilus Estate winery in Renwick. Hand harvested Marlborough Pinot Noir & Sauvingnon Blanc grapes underwent a carbonic maceration at the Wild Workshop, under a blanket of carbon dioxide. After several days, the grapes were stomped, with the Pinot added to Amphora, and the Sauvignon to Stainless open fermenter. The Terroir Project base wort was poured over the top, and a healthy co-fermentation took a little over a week. Using our GP Crushed Basket Press, the combined fermentation of grapes and grain was pressed gently into old oak barrel and aged for one year.

We were blown away by the results, with the Sauvignon showing classic characteristics of tropical fruit and lifted acidity. The Pinot Noir is lush berry fruits and a beautiful almost rose like colour. We presented the beers in California recently at the 2019 Terroir Project festival and are excited to now make them available in New Zealand for the first time in bottle.

Picked, brewed and fermented especially for the Terroir Project in Southern California, now available in extremely limited quantities.

Is it a beer? Is it a wine? You’re just going to have to find out yourself.



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