Sunrise Valley – Garage Project
May 26 2020

We’re super excited to be releasing Sunrise Valley this week - the first beer in our Home & Away series, which brings collabs we’ve brewed overseas back to the Garage. 

Over the years we’ve had some amazing opportunities to brew beers all over the world with some of the funnest, most talented brewers there are. This collaboration process can be incredibly rewarding; cementing friendships, creating the opportunity to learn new techniques, and bringing together very cool people to create unique and delicious beers. I’ve always felt that the best collaborations are the ones where all parties leave the process enriched by the experience; having learned new things and come across ideas that will then spark off new thoughts and trajectories in the creative process of each brewery. There’s often a wonderful synergy about these brews too, where together you can come up with something even greater than the sum of its parts - a unique beer that shows the mark of both breweries but has its own distinct personality. 

The only downside to these overseas collaborations is that we often never get to try them down here in our neck of the woods - which is where Home & Away comes in. Starting with Sunrise Valley, we will be picking some of our favourite overseas collabs and bringing them back to the Garage; giving you the opportunity to try them without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Sunrise is the perfect jumping off point. It was first brewed in 2019 with our good friends JC and Esther at Boston-based brewery Trillium. I think it’s fair to say that Trillium has been at the crest of the East Coast haze wave that has washed over America, and the world. 

So pervasive is the haze craze that it’s become nigh impossible to escape. When Jos and I arrived late into Boston, JC and Esther were still on holiday but had given us the alarm code to let ourselves into their house. Unfortunately, the code we had was wrong and the alarm immediately went off; Jos and I went outside to see if it would disarm. No more than five minutes later two cars came tearing up the drive - out jumped two of Boston PD’s finest with Maglites shining in our faces and hands on Glocks. I just about peed myself and started screaming “Don’t shoot, we’re from New Zealand!” at a pitch only dogs could hear. They seemed unimpressed by our nationality and demanded to see ID. One of them asked what I did. I said I was a brewer and that we were there to do a brew with Trillium. At this point everything changed. “Oh hey!” he said, “You know what I love? Those Hazy IPA’s!” I shit you not. There is no escape from the haze craze.

Sunrise Valley itself is a unique brew, I think for both of our breweries. It was an experiment in a totally hop free boil, relying instead on a massive dose of dry hop to deliver balancing bitterness, and huge flavour and aroma. The name is a reference to the idyllic spot in the Upper Moutere where Freestyle Farms grows their hops, and this brew is bursting with harvest fresh Nelson Sauvin and Rakau. This is the biggest dry hop addition we’ve ever done - so massive in fact that the beer delivered the most appalling yield with a huge amount of it soaked up in the hops. 

Still, that just makes every aromatic, hoppy, hazy, nectar-like drop of it just that more precious. 

Try Sunrise Valley



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