The Freak Show – Garage Project
Jun 24 2016

Step right up, step right up ladies and gentlemen, the carnival is rolling into town.

Fresh from sell out shows, the Garage Project Brothers present the Freak Show, a curious and wild assortment of beer freaks for your enjoyment and drinking pleasure - featuring the entire and unabridged cast, as imbibed at the GABS festivals in the great cities of Melbourne and Auckland.

Behold Marvellous Madame Mahvash. Do you dare gaze into her cup of divination, filled to the brim with the mysteries of the seven heavens? Madame Mahvash, a powerful, strong blonde ale, brewed with Persian Pashmak in place of the usual candy sugar, infused with rose water, dried omani limes and tinted candy floss pink with a touch of natural magic.



Experience first hand the thrill and terror of the Wolfman. A freak of nature, some say he was conceived in a hopfield, others that he was transformed by his own lust for Humulus lupulus. The result is the untamed creature you see before you, powerful, bitter and infused to his very core with the resinous essence of the hop bine. Be warned, this is not a beer for those who suffer from a delicate disposition.



Be amazed at the mind bending exploits of Fleur et Célia the contortionist twins! Belgian white chocolate blonde and a sour raspberry framboise style ale, in an audacious feat of daring, poured from two taps simultaneously into one glass - a bizarrely twisted and entwined combination of sweet and sour flavours that seemingly meld into one.



Gasp at the death defying feats of the exotic Firebreather, an incendiary concoction direct from the mysterious east. A pilsner yes, but one infused with ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, red pepper and chilli. Please ladies and gentlemen, this is not a spectacle to be sampled by the faint hearted.



Wonder at the bizarre form of the Amazing Hop boy (he’s got hops for brains), brewed with a stupendously dizzying array of over 62 different varieties of hop, many not even named yet.



But wait, something dark stirs down at the carnival grounds. The Old Grinderman sits and begins to crank out his bitter-sweet tune to the shrieks of his simian companion. There’s darkness within. Grinderman, strong milk stout, brewed with oats, chocolate wheat and roast barley, fortified with lactose and infused with a charge of dark roasted ACME coffee. These ingredients combine to create a bitter-sweet coffee hit that’s strong enough to satisfy the monkey on anyone’s back.




Hurry this is a spectacle not to be missed, pouring for a very limited season, only at the Garage Project Taproom - 91 Aro. Come, run away with the circus.



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