Alcohol: 4.33%

Brewed with: Southern Cross, Kohatu & Motueka

Oh Wellington is wonderful, we've got the wind, the rain and the Phoenix. And now 433, a super drinkable golden ale inspired by our local brand of the beautiful game. It’s a nimble combination with pilsner, munich and wheat malts at the back and an attacking triangle of local stars Southern Cross...

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Alcohol: 4.8%

Brewed with: Orange & Lemon

A supremely refreshing American-style wheat ale given an extra summery edge thanks to additions of orange and lemon zest.

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Alcohol: 10.8%

Brewed with: Riesling juice

Twilight of the Gods or Götterdämmerung - Wagner’s magnum opus, the climax to Der Ring des Nibelungen, the epic final battle to mark the end of everything - it doesn’t get much bigger that this. Over a year in the making, this barrel aged co-fermentation of Riesling juice and strong blonde ale is...

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Alcohol: 4.20%

Brewed with: Citra, lime

Welcome ya’ll to the trailer park. Rest up a while, grab yo’self a plastic chair, crack a can and kick back with the crew from art collection and clothing brand, ALC Apparel. This is White Trash, ALC art inspired American Wheat, brewed to a super session able 4.20% ABV, with wheat, two-row pale m...

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Alcohol: 6.2%

Brewed with: Riwaka, American Mystery Hop #07270, Gunpowder tea

Sky rockets in flight, collaborative delight. Modern Times visits Garage Project for firecrackers and fun on the 5th of November. Here's the result. Whizz Bang, a sparky little hop rocket brewed with Riwaka, American Mystery Hop #07270 and a little touch of Gunpowder. So light the fuse, retreat t...

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Alcohol: 6.6%

Brewed with: Sorghum, Rooibos Tea

A brand new brew for a new kind of zoo. Zoo Brew, made with Pale malt, Sorghum and South African Rooibos tea and accompanied by a unique piece of art painted espeically by world renowned Wellington-based artist Seraphine Pick. Conceived in collaborating with the Wellington Zoo and Trade Me to hel...

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