Alcohol: 4.33%

Brewed with: Southern Cross, Kohatu & Motueka

Oh Wellington is wonderful, we've got the wind, the rain and the Phoenix. And now 433, a super drinkable golden ale inspired by our local brand of the beautiful game. It’s a nimble combination with pilsner, munich and wheat malts at the back and an attacking triangle of local stars Southern Cross...

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Alcohol: 4.8%

Brewed with: Orange & Lemon

A supremely refreshing American-style wheat ale given an extra summery edge thanks to additions of orange and lemon zest.

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Garage Project have teamed up with Wellington start-up The Misprint Co. to use our misprinted paper more sustainably! These notebooks are made from repurposed GP waste paper, so some pages will have snippets of printed goods we no longer need as well as a little insight into GP's own struggles wi...

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Alcohol: 10.8%

Brewed with: Riesling juice

Twilight of the Gods or Götterdämmerung - Wagner’s magnum opus, the climax to Der Ring des Nibelungen, the epic final battle to mark the end of everything - it doesn’t get much bigger that this. Over a year in the making, this barrel aged co-fermentation of Riesling juice and strong blonde ale is...

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Alcohol: 4.20%

Brewed with: Citra, lime

Welcome ya’ll to the trailer park. Rest up a while, grab yo’self a plastic chair, crack a can and kick back with the crew from art collection and clothing brand, ALC Apparel. This is White Trash, ALC art inspired American Wheat, brewed to a super session able 4.20% ABV, with wheat, two-row pale m...

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Alcohol: 6.2%

Brewed with: Riwaka, American Mystery Hop #07270, Gunpowder tea

Sky rockets in flight, collaborative delight. Modern Times visits Garage Project for firecrackers and fun on the 5th of November. Here's the result. Whizz Bang, a sparky little hop rocket brewed with Riwaka, American Mystery Hop #07270 and a little touch of Gunpowder. So light the fuse, retreat t...

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Alcohol: 6.6%

Brewed with: Sorghum, Rooibos Tea

A brand new brew for a new kind of zoo. Zoo Brew, made with Pale malt, Sorghum and South African Rooibos tea and accompanied by a unique piece of art painted espeically by world renowned Wellington-based artist Seraphine Pick. Conceived in collaborating with the Wellington Zoo and Trade Me to hel...

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