Alcohol: 7.7%

Brewed with: Brettanomyces, tropical fruit

Translated from Brazilian Portuguese it means the new style. The beer is uncharted territory for the Garage. Brewed with a hop cocktail of Equinox, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and E Dorado, Bossa Nova is fermented with a strain of yeast's infamous sibling Brettanomyces giving it a unique tart pineapple...

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Alcohol: 11%

Brewed with: Escarpment Pinot Noir Juice

'Never mix grape and grain' - we're breaking the cardinal rule again for the second vintage of our grape harvest beer. Chateau Aro, a dark rubescent ale, conditioned on the freshly crushed juice and skins of pinot noir grapes, then aged in French Oak barrels, all from the award winning Escarpment...

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Alcohol: 6.7%

Brewed with: Smoked chipotle chili, raw cocoa nibs, vanilla, agave.

Lager, but not as we know it. Garage Project’s Day of the Dead - a strong black lager inspired by the Aztec beverage xocolatl, “a bitter, frothy, spicy drink” combining cocoa and chili. Brewed with smoked chipotle chili, refermented with organic blue agave syrup (the basis of Tequila) and conditi...

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Alcohol: 6.9%

Brewed with: Maize, habanero chilli, watermelon, rose water

La Calavera Catrina, The Elegant Skull. The little sister to our original dead head is as blonde as Day of the Dead is dark, but don't be fooled, she's no lightweight. Brewed with maize, an ingredient you'd normally associate with much blander lager offerings, Catrina is fired up with an asserti...

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Alcohol: 6.5%

Brewed with: Nelson Sauvin

Red Rocks Reserve is one of our most anticipated annual releases. A base red ale is brewed and then with a nod to an ancient brewing technique known as 'Stein Bier', the beer is passed through a giant hop back containing rocks, super heated in a hard Manuka wood fire to over 500c. Finally, the be...

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