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Can I buy a large quantity of beer for a private event?

We’re happy to help you source Garage Project for your wedding or private function. You can purchase directly from the Cellar Door or we can suggest local suppliers in your area. Unfortunately at this stage our stocks are running too lean to offer wholesale casual sales, but get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out. Email for more information.


I am a label collector - can you send me a set of your labels?

Because of our extensive back catalogue of beers, we are not able to send out full sets of our labels. However, if you make an order from our online store you can let us know you are a label collector and we will send a couple of the labels that we have here at the brewery your way!


Who does the artwork for your beer labels?

We collaborate with a wide range of artists - both locally and internationally to create our beer labels.


I’d like to write a story about Garage Project - who should I talk to?

 For all media enquiries, please email


Can I chat to you over the phone?


04-384-3076 if you want to talk to the Cellar Door crew
04-802-5234 for the Taproom 
04-801-8076 for anything else


Do you offer brewery tours?

We don’t offer formal brewery tours at the moment, but it’s something we’d like to be able to do in the future. In the meantime you can pop in for our Cellar Door experience. The Cellar Door is a space right by the brewery and if you’re in on a weekday then the brew team will be in full-swing, so you can hang out and watch us at work. We have an ever-changing 8 tap line-up that you can taste for free and our friendly team will answer any questions you can throw at us.


Where can I buy your beer?

You can find our beer in select bars, restaurants, and bottle stores across New Zealand. Our ability to meet all current demand isn’t possible, so if you can’t find a certain beer in your local store, it may be available on our online store.  We have limited distribution in Australia, Sweden and Norway. Due to our limited capacity, we are not currently in a position to supply new markets.


What breed are those dogs?

The pooches you may have spotted at the brewery are Huskadors (Husky Labrador crosses). Their names are Monte and Mila and they belong to Jos - give them a pat next time you see them!


I love your beer and want to tell you about it! How can I get in touch?

Chat to us on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram - we’d love to hear from you! 



Sponsorship, events & how to apply

At Garage Project we love getting behind the community - it has been a big part of our ethos from inception and we are proud to focus our resources on a number of causes.

The list is already long and diverse: Kaibosh, Women’s Refuge, the SPCA, the Royal New Zealand Ballet, our Twelve Kegs for Christmas programme, local schools and artists and our very own vibrant community here in Aro Valley. While we have big hearts and wish we could spread the love more, we are still a growing company and can’t say yes to every request from the great causes that come to our attention daily.

Being selective means that we can really get behind the causes we do support, and work towards making a real difference. It is important to us that we align with groups that we believe in and that share the spirit of our brewery.

There are a couple of requests we get regularly that, as a policy, we don’t accommodate: we do not re-label cans or bottles in limited runs. Aside from our art being a big part of our product (and one that we are really proud of), this process is expensive both in time and money and is not an avenue we are looking to pursue. We also find it difficult to commit to projects and events which require large investments of time and resources.We are running at full capacity with a packed brew schedule to meet our existing local and export demands, so it is tricky for us to give out resources, especially personnel, outside of special occasions. That being said, we are always excited to get on board when the right project comes along.

If you have an event and are looking for some back up, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch to talk options - even if we can’t get behind you, we love to hear about the great things people are doing and will do our best to help.

Fill in the form below and we’ll take a look! We get a huge number of requests so we need to receive your application at least three weeks prior to your event.




If you are looking for employment in Australia - Please send applications to

 New Zealand

We’re a team of people taking beer to the world from an old disused petrol station in Aro Valley. We started in a Garage but it’s more than that - it’s also about approaching things with a garage mentality. It’s about experimenting, making do, and thinking outside the box. We’re always keen to hear from like-minded people who are interested in joining the Garage team. 




Wellington and Christchurch

Hannah White
p: 022 106 1709


Hannah Lloyd
p: 021 186 4081

Rest of New Zealand

Josh Lynex
p: 027 535 0917


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