Guest Beer - The Bruery Terreux - Frucht: Grapefruit and Salt

A beer shipped in especially for GP + Friends 2019, as a part of the Road to Beervana celebrations. 

The Bruery Terreux is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales. The Bruery Terreux is rustic, traditional, familial, yet innovative and independent in spirit. Founded on an exciting revitalization of age-old traditions blended with current culture and newly forging practices, The Bruery Terreux tells the story of wildly traditional bièr.

Known for a tart flavour profile and traditionally low ABV, this German-style wheat beer gains even more funky notes and natural earthy-woodiness from fermentation in oak foeders. To this Frucht is added, if we're Sprechen see Deutsch, in this case grapefruit, which in German is.. grapefruit. A nod to the Greyhound, a refreshing grapefruit juice and vodka cocktail garnished with a salted rim, it adds a nice balance to this tart and juicy beer.