Day of the Dead FOUR PACK


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Day of the Dead and La Calavera Catrina four-pack cans

2 x Day of the Dead 330ml

2 x La Calavera Catrina 330ml


Day of the Dead

Lager, but not as we know it. Garage Project’s Day of the Dead - a strong black lager inspired by the Aztec beverage xocolatl, “a bitter, frothy, spicy drink” combining cocoa and chili. Brewed with smoked chipotle chili, refermented with organic blue agave syrup (the basis of Tequila) and conditioned over raw cocoa nibs - rich and dark, Day of the Dead is smooth and drinkable with a complex mix of smoke, chocolate and restrained chili heat. A true celebration of the dark side. Available on November 1, El Día de los Muertos - Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

330ml / 6.7% ABV / 1.7 Standard Drinks


La Calavera Catrina 

The elegant skull, may be a blonde lager, but don't be fooled, she's no lightweight. Brewed with maize, an ingredient you'd normally associate with much blander lager offerings, La Catrina is fired up with an assertive chili heat from a generous addition of habaneros, and spiked with rose water and yes - watermelon. The result is cheeky, complex and fiery - what more could you want in the Lady of Death?

330ml / 6.9% ABV / 1.8 Standard Drinks