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Fresh Faces - Mixed Pack

Mixed Pack

4.5% - 7.5%

$45.00 ea

If you are constantly searching for something new then this is the pack for you! Featuring some of our newest 440ml & 330ml can releases from our Aro Street and Wild Workshop breweries.

This pack includes: 

1x FUX (Red IPA, 440ml can) 

1x Mango Indica (Mango Ice Tea Sour, 440ml can)

1x Epuni Street Bitter (Traditional English Bitter, 440ml can) 

1x Petite Mort (Brett Summer Session Ale, 330ml can)

1x Mecha Hop Singularity Centennial (Single Variety APA, 330ml Can) 

1x Crispy Club Canis Lupus (Unfiltered Lager, 330ml can).