Guest Beer - Beachwood - Future is Today IPA

First released

Alcohol: 7.7%

Brewed with: experimental hops HBC-342, 344, and 438

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This new Experimental IPA is brewed with HBC-342, 344, and 438.
About Beechwood Blendery:
Beachwood Blendery team is embarking on an undoubtedly geeky quest to create American-style lambics. We will produce beer using ingredients, equipment and brewing methods that are both steeped in tradition and admittedly modern.The more traditional method employed will include the use of un-malted wheat, aged hops, a copper-lined koelschip placed in the rafters, spontaneous fermentation, used French oak wine barrels and puncheons.The modern approach will create new-style sour beers using local water and non-traditional ingredients to make modern mashes which will be pitched with quantified yeast and bacteria, then fermented and aged in both steel and oak barrels.All of this will occur in a 1000-barrel-capacity aging room, which lives in a custom-designed enclosed environment built to mimic the daily temperature and humidity fluctuations of an actual barrel room in Belgium.