Guest Beer - Hop Nation - Blobfish Saison – Garage Project

Guest Beer - Hop Nation - Blobfish Saison

A beer shipped in especially for GP + Friends 2020, as a part of the Road to Beervana celebrations. 

Hop Nation are a brewry based in Footscray, Victoira. With a name like Hop Nation, hops are a natural focus but a nod to their winemaking roots was always inevitable, and Sam and Dunc have no shortage of barrel-aged brews under their belt with their Site Fermentation Project. Most recently they've also returned to winemaking under their label Site Wine, with a vineyard in Red Hill Mornington Peninsula.

Australia’s first Blobfish Beer Festival was held in Melbourne in August last year. Just like the Blobfish, sour, funky and wild beers emerge from the depths of the beer scene – intriguing, slightly obscure, somewhat unknown but always exciting.

The day before the festival, the team at Hop Nation hosted the festival brewers for a day of bottle-sharing, eating and general camaraderie. This Saison is the result of that collaboration brew day and a token of all the great people that helped create the festival.

They each brought with them a sample of their house culture, which when combined was used to inoculate the wort in ex-Chardonnay barrels. Organic Friulano grape skins from Quealy Winemakers were then added to the barrels where the beer continued to ferment and age for eight months.

These skins had previously been ageing in amphora at the winery for eight months. They helped create a spice and floral note to the beer.The final beer was bottle conditioned in magnum for a further four months; culminating in a tart complex Saison with mild carbonation.