Guest Beer - La Sirène Brewing - Citray Sour – Garage Project

Guest Beer - La Sirène Brewing - Citray Sour

A beer shipped in especially for GP + Friends 2020, as a part of the Road to Beervana celebrations. 

Established in 2010, La Sirène Brewing is an artisanal brewery grounded in the spirit of Farmhouse brewing, whilst paradoxically being located 8km from Melbourne’s CBD. They specialise and focus on creating Farmhouse, Wild, Oak-Aged and Coolship Ales that speak of Place, Time & Season.

Citray Sour is a refreshing Citrus-infused Farmhouse Sour made with House yeast that showcases fresh local Victorian grown Citrus against a unique base Farmhouse Ale. Initially the heady Citrus aromatics transport you to an orange orchard that then gives way to a welcomed acidity (courtesy of a natural souring process and their own strain of bacteria) that finishes dry, citrusy & refreshingly tart.