Guest Beer - Range Brewing - Informal Disco – Garage Project

Guest Beer - Range Brewing - Informal Disco

A beer shipped in especially for GP + Friends 2020, as a part of the Road to Beervana celebrations. 

Range Brewing started with a mission to bring the latest innovations in modern beer from around the world to Australian shores. Built on an ethos of forever exploring, forever evolving, they’re constantly sampling the finest beers from around the world to inspire new and exciting brews based on these experiences and learnings.

This DDH Pale is an extremely easy drinking hazy pale ale. With a light malt bill consisting predominantly of pale malt with a tiny hit of caramunich, it is a beautiful light orange colour with a soft haze. It has upfront aromas of citrus with a strong hint of rockmelon and cantaloupe to finish. On the palate is a medium and velvety body which carries the luscious notes of rockmelon and light citrus perfectly. The finish is dry and crisp and will leave you longing for another sip.