Guest Beer - Range Brewing - JAM: CHERRY + BLOOD PLUM – Garage Project

Guest Beer - Range Brewing - JAM: CHERRY + BLOOD PLUM

A beer shipped in especially for GP + Friends 2020, as a part of the Road to Beervana celebrations. 

Range Brewing started with a mission to bring the latest innovations in modern beer from around the world to Australian shores. Built on an ethos of forever exploring, forever evolving, they’re constantly sampling the finest beers from around the world to inspire new and exciting brews based on these experiences and learnings.

The concept of JAM rolls on. This version of JAM is an intensely fruited sour ale full of Cherry and Blood Plum. We double our regular fruiting levels to bring JAM to another level. This fruit combination is a bit of treat and balances tart acidity with sweetness delicately. A strikingly deep shade of purple meets the eye, right before the aromas take over. Tart, rich, and sweet fruit flavours come in waves upon the first mouthful and are long lasting. The body is strong and full, which allows the flavours to coat your palate, leaving rich and juicy stone fruit a plenty.