Limited Edition Brass Bottle Opener

Garage Project brass bottle opener crafted by Aro Valley goldsmith Nick Hensman at The Rolling Mill.

Open your beer in style with this beautiful oak barrel, hop vine entwined bottle opener, custom crafted by local goldsmith Nick Hensman. Carved by Nick from a solid block of wax to create a master, then cast in brass. As with brewing, sometimes improvisation just works!

Limited edition, individually numbered, wall mountable. Each bottle opener is cast in brass, then intricately detailed, numbered and polished by Nick at his workshop on Aro Street, just up the road from the brewery.

85mm height
60mm width
35mm depth



Crafted in the Valley

Not all things in the jewellery-making world start with a master plan. I dreamed up this beauty while travelling in the States in 2014. I was inspired by the Garage Project story and had always had great service from the team at the Cellar Door while buying my beer. I wanted to surprise the team at Garage Project by making a wall mounted opener that was in its own a piece of art. Whether it was sold or kept as a memento didn’t bother me. 

This design was an evolution. The original sketches look nothing like the finished opener itself. I carved the master in hard wax over a number of days, each day with a different vision. For me it was like cleaning a grubby house, the more you look at it the more you get addicted to the finer details. 

From there I made a copper template to test the functionality of the opener, then based on those rough measurements put blade to wax and carved. The final design has been tested by myself, my girlfriend Vee and our friends on many bottles of Garage Project beer - it works beautifully. 

- Nick