Mashbone 90g


Brewery bites for dogs- Brewed to be chewed!

These delicious bites (according to our dogs) combine our flavoursome post-brew spent mash with NZ grassfed beef to create nutritious, healthy snacks for dogs. So you and your dog can both lap up something new and enticing from Garage Project.


 Ingredients: Garage Project spent grain, flour, free range eggs, NZ grassfed beef n' bone powder. Preservative free.


Nutritional Chart

Nutlab ID Sample DM % Moisture % Ash % Protein % Fat % GE Kj/g Crude Fibre %
TN14-395-01 Petfood 96.0 4.0 7.8 31.9 8.8 19.4 4.2
Fatty Acids
Omega-3 (includes DPA + DHA) 0.40
Omega-6 1.92
Arachidonic 0.15
Units g/100g