MECHA HOP - Limited Edition Print – Garage Project

MECHA HOP - Limited Edition Print

Mecha Hop Limited Edition Screen Print

Edition size: 100

42.0 x 59.4cm

Hand-produced screen print. Locally printed using permaprint premium water based ink on colourplan acid-free art paper imported from the U.K. Materials are free from lead, other heavy metals, contain no CFCS or HCHCS and come from environmentally managed materials that are classified FSC. Sold unframed.



Tim Gibson is a Wellington Designer, Illustrator, Animator and Graphic Novelist. He also bakes a mean loaf of bread. You can read his comics at WWW.MOTHCITY.COM


Brewed better than nature to battle it out at GABS 2014, Mecha Hop - 100% Industrial Process Ale. Using only the finest vacuum evaporated pure dry malt extract and Warrior, Amarillo and Simcoe liquid CO2 hop extracts, this beast of a beer weighs in at 10% abv and over 100 IBU. Guaranteed no raw, unprocessed ingredients - the modernist dream at its unheeding and arrogant best. The bold new world of Garage Project - welcome to the future. What could possibly go wrong?


We embrace all aspects of art & craft, not just in the brewery, but everywhere. We are constantly inspired by the collaborations we embark on with local artists, filmmakers, chefs and writers. 

We choose label art like we choose our ingredients; carefully selected, locally sourced and unique. 'Art & Craft' is a commercial profit share scheme between Garage Project and selected label artists, bringing you unique, limited edition pieces.