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Smoke & Fire

Manuka Smoked Peanut Butter Chilli Stout


$52.00 ea
First releasedMarch 2022
Brewed withMalts: Gladfield Manuka Smoked Weyermann Carafa Special II, Golden Naked Oats, Gladfield Aurora, Gladfield Shepherds Delight, Gladfield Light Crystal, Gladfield Rye, Gladfield Dark Chocolate, Gladfield Roast Barley

Walk with us through the fire. This very special brew takes inspiration from Fix & Fogg’s cult Smoke & Fire peanut butter - then turns up the heat. The result is a decadently rich Imperial Stout brewed with over 50% fresh manuka smoked malt, and a wholly unrestrained addition of fiery habanero chillies and roasted peanuts culminating in a pitch black brew packing an intense hit of heat, smoke and malty, peanut butter sweetness. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Warning - contains peanuts, 50% smoked malt and all the habaneros.

Art By: Fix & Fogg.