Tsuyu Saison

Tsuyu, named after the gentle 'plum rain' that falls in Japan as the Ume harvest ripens, is a new take on the Saison style. Brewed with American Jarrylo hops and New Zealand Motueka hops, Tsuyu is infused with Ume plum and red perilla leaf and aged in freshly emptied New Zealand Chardonnay barrels. The result is a complex and fascinating fusion of East, West and South. Kanpai!


About the collaboration:

Three breweries from three points on the compass, Stone Brewing from the US West Coast, Japan's Coedo Brewery and New Zealand's Garage Project bring their combined experience, creativity and inspirations to the utterly unique collaborative brew.

Brewed at Codeo Brewery on a suitably rainy spring day in June 2015.