ZWANZE DAY VIP Ticket 2018

For the 3rd year in a row, we are lucky enough here at Garage Project to be part of the annual celebration of Cantillon’s Zwanze beer release.


On the 29th of September, with a handful of other bars around the world, Garage Project will be pouring this year’s unique blended lambic, in our very own Wild Workshop.


The 2018 Zwanze beer, Manneken Pise, is a blend of lambics aged for two years in Amarone, Chianti, and Sangiovese barrels. The barrels impart a woody, wine-like character, with flavors of mango and citrus. The beer is dedicated to the Italian friends of Cantillon who help them to protect the traditional Lambic heritage.


We encourage any lambic enthusiasts to join us in raising a glass alongside our friends around the globe at our Wild Workshop. A fitting location to celebrate Zwanze, which in Brussels dialect refers to a sarcastic and non-traditional sense of humour.


In honour of Cantillon and Zwanze day we will have a selection of Cantillon bottles available at all Garage Project locations (More details on this to come). At this stage; 91 Aro and Kingsland will offer tasting flights of Cantillon beers and 68 Aro will have bottles available for takeaway purchase. Please note the Zwanze beer will ONLY be available at the Wild Workshop.


Zwanze Day at Wild Workshop will happen in 2 parts. We are opening the doors for the ticketed session at 11:30am and then to the public from 2pm (2pm onwards no ticket required pay on consumption while stocks last).