Thor's Cup background

Thor's Cup

Norwegian Farmhouse Ale


$17.00 ea
First released14 June 2019
Brewed withKveik yeast, Juniper branches and a touch of beech smoked malt

It’s a tricky business, getting into drinking competitions with giants. Expect the unexpected.

Thor’s Cup, inspired by the traditional farmhouse ale that has been made in Norway for centuries, using Kveik yeast (pronounced kwike in English). Brewed using fresh juniper branches in the mash and a touch of beech smoked malt, this beer’s unique flavour comes from two mixed Kveik cultures collected from traditional brewers in Voss and Hornindal, and brought back to New Zealand. Dark malts vie with tart yeast driven complexity and subtle hints of smoke and resin in a beer that can truly claim to be unique. Drink deep from the cup, but keep your wits about you.

Art by: Alexander Brown.