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certified fresh logo 16 03 2022

Beer stays fresher longer if it’s kept cold. This is true for almost every style of beer, but it’s especially true for hoppy beers.

We do everything possible at Garage Project to ensure that beers leave our brewery in tip-top condition, going to great lengths to make sure it’s brewed and packaged in a way that gives the beer the best chance of staying fresh.

But the single most important factor in maintaining beer quality after it leaves the brewery is refrigeration. Leaving beer sitting warm, or even at room temperature, will accelerate the natural deterioration of the product.

One beer style which is particularly sensitive to temperature is hazy East Coast IPA.

These hoppy, hazy juice bombs are heavily dry-hopped, unfiltered, unfined, brewed, and packaged without any kind of stabilisation. For the drinker to get this raw hoppy beer at its fresh best it has to stay refrigerated.

Up until now, this is why we have kept sales of our FRESH monthly offerings limited to our venues only, to guarantee that consumers get this beer in the condition we intended.

We love this style of beer, and we’d love to share it with more drinkers, but to do this we need to be sure it’s being presented by retailers and bars who will be able to look after it properly.

This is where Certified FRESH comes in.

Certified FRESH retailers are venues that we have identified as being able to do what is necessary to ensure that these beers reach the customer in peak condition.

Certified FRESH releases roll out in recyclable insulated cardboard cubes to ensure the beer turns up in optimal condition. Each can features a temperature-sensitive sticker. When the full Certified FRESH logo is visible you know the beer is cold and in good condition.

FRESH hoppy beer at its best.

How do you become a Certified FRESH retailer? It’s simple. You just need to be able to store our Certified FRESH releases cold at all times and to be willing to accept the four-month best-before date we put on these beers. If you fit these simple criteria then we’ll audit you and you’ll receive Certified FRESH accreditation. Please reach out to our Relationship Management Team to register your interest.

How do you become a Certifed FRESH drinker? That’s also simple. We have created a handy store locator tool that will allow you to find the nearest Certified FRESH store.