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$62.00 ea
Brewed withAmarillo, Anchovy, Chinook, HBC 630, Simcoe
First releasedJune 2024
We bang on about New Zealand hops often (and for good reason) but sometimes it pays to sit back and remember our American hop-growing pals across the pacific.
Recently we landed a big ol' batch of the good stuff - piney, resinous, coconut, pineapple, earthy - all those classic American hop characteristics beaming straight out of the pellets. I'm sure you know what comes next.
"I get asked to rebrew beers all the time. Sometimes its the most random sh*t - the other day someone actually said to me, 'Oh when are you going to remake Angry Peaches'"

Well, Amarillo in hand, that's exactly what we've gone and done. But one beer? No, it was no question to Pete - we needed three.

Each American Hop Drop Contains:
2x Pizza Face 440mL
Anchovy Hopped WCIPA 6.2%

2x HBC 630 Treats 440mL
Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA6.6%

2x Angry Peaches 440mL
Amarillo Hopped APA 6.8%

Pizza Face
Anchovy Hopped WCIPA 6.2%
All new Anchovy hops, from Segal Ranch in the Yakima Valley, along with a touch of Chinook and Simcoe, sprinkled liberally onto a crisp base of pilsner and light crystal malt, serving up a mouth watering IPA with top notes of watermelon hard candy, raspberry and pine. Get yourself a slice of the action.

HBC 630 Treats
Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA 6.6%

An extra pale base of malted barley and wheat, double dry hopped exclusively with new Yakima grown hop variety HBC 630, creates a super smooth lush IPA that’s positively dripping with tropical guava, creamy peach and juicy sun ripened cherry.

Yakima has this booming with Berry, Current, Sweet Fruit and Cream Caramel - expect to see it pop up more often over the months, and of course - let us know what you think!

Angry Peaches
Amarillo Hopped APA 6.8%

And last but not least...

There are no peaches in this beer. None. So why Angry Peaches? Inspired by a throw-away descriptor by beer blogger Phil Cook, Angry Peaches aims to create an aggressive stone fruit character with absurd amounts of American hop Amarillo. Because we love you. we got all the Amarillo we could get our hands on and put it all in this beer. Just for you. Angry is the new nice.