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Block Party Waghorn A

Single Origin NZ Hopped IPA - Waghorn A


$38.00 ea
First releasedJuly 2021
Brewed withHops: Motueka, Rakau, Southern Cross & Waghorn A.

Welcome to the Block Party - an ongoing celebration of New Zealand hops and terroir. Each batch is brewed using the unique combination of hops grown on a single block of the Freestyle Hop Farm in the sun soaked Upper Moutere. For this batch we’ve brewed a lush hazy IPA using Southern Cross, Motueka and Rakau from the farm’s Waghorn A block. A rare opportunity to experience the character of single origin hop varieties from a specific block of land. Party on.

6.2% Single Origin NZ Hopped IPA - Waghorn A

Art by: Jamie Churchman