Burger Beers Mixed 6-Pack – Garage Project

Burger Beers Mixed 6-Pack

2021 WOAP Wellington Burger Festival Mixed 6-Pack includes two of each of this years festival beers.

Arvo XPA - Easy Drinking Tropical Xtra Pale Ale 5.6% - Sun’s out, work’s done, time to kick back with an afternoon beer - possibly the best beer of them all. Arvo XPA: a fresh unfiltered ale with a sunny disposition, brewed with the finest pale and wheat malt. A swag of Australian grown Galaxy, Eclipse, and Vic secret lend drinkability and a brimful of juicy mandarin citrus and tropical hop character. Welcome to your happy place.

Raspberry Carbaret - Raspberry & Hibiscus Berliner Weisse 4% - Willkommen to the cabaret! This delicious tart fruit Berliner Weisse is loaded with raspberry and aromatic hibiscus flowers creating a stunningly colourful, effervescent sour, bursting with exuberant floral and berry fruit notes. Divine decadence in a can. Brewed in the Wild Workshop.

Zitrone Weisse - German Wheat with a Citrus Twist 5% - A classic bavarian style wheat beer with a delicious touch of lemon. Brewed with plump white wheat and golden Pilsner malt, and packaged ‘mit hefe’ with live yeast, it pours a glowing cloudy lemon yellow with a dense white pillowy foam. A deliciously tart wheat palate is enhanced by subtle notes of clove and banana and a refreshing citrus zing. The forecast is cloudy with a twist of lemon.