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Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus



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ROSE DE GAMBRINUS CANTILLON. Fresh raspberries macerated in two year old Lambic beer. Its complex aromas and sour taste make this beer an excellent thirst-quencher.

This beer will evolve over time. Suitable to cellar for up to 10 years; store between 12-15C.  T his bottle has been cellared for four years. 

Best served at 6-7C.

Cantillon is the only traditional lambic brewery located within the city of Brussels. Founded in 1900, today Cantillon operates both as a brewery and as a living museum, the Brussels Gueuze Museum (Musée bruxellois de la gueuze). Cantillon uses 100% organic grains and hops in all of its beers. Cantillon brews traditional lambic products, using 65% malted barley and 35% unmalted wheat. Cantillon's beers are spontaneously fermented using a large coolship in the attic of the brewery and fermented in oak barrels.