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Fresh April '22 Poster

$10.00 ea
First releasedApril 2022

No FRESH IPA this month…aw, just tricking, we wouldn’t do that to you.

It’s April 1st and that means time for another delicious fresh hazy.

This month two-row Pilsner malt, puffed spelt, rolled oats and a touch of caramel malt creates a beer with a beautifully creamy, smooth mouthfeel, a soft orange gold glow and a lush opaque haze.

Chewy spelt, oat and barley sugar sweetness is balanced with just enough clean hop bitterness to avoid it being cloying and boost drinkability.

Amarillo takes the lead this month. Way back in the early 2000’s Amarillo was quite the hop super star.

It’s been overshadowed in recent years by the likes of Mosaic and Citra, but it’s still a delicious hop with lifted orange citrus and stone fruit character.

With a supporting cast of Citra and another ‘subtle’ addition of Sabro, FRESH APR greets you the moment you crack the can with an aroma of punchy citrus and coconut (Sabro will not be restrained).

That creamy, smooth palate is then saturated with orange peel, melon, peach and Piña Colada, finishing with a delicious shot of lemon sherbert. A nice way to ease into Autumn. No pranks, only cool tricks for April Fools.

Art by: Troix Kokich.

*Frame not included