Cosmic Wave background

Cosmic Wave

Hazy Pale Ale


$39.00 ea
Brewed withMotueka, Riwaka, Rakau, Nelson Sauvin, Peacharine.
First releasedMay 2024

Inspired by the NZSL sign for ‘cosmic’ and ‘haze’ we bring you Cosmic Wave, a lush, juicy hop saturated hazy pale loaded up with harvest fresh Motueka, Riwaka, Rakau, Nelson Sauvin and Peacharine. Just smile and wave.

New Zealand Sign Language - now you’ve got a beer in your hand there’s no better time to learn. Start with the alphabet. Check out some of the online resources and apps that can help build your vocabulary.

You could even see if there are any classes near you. Who knows where it might lead? It can all start with this can of beer. Let your hands do the talking.